We are unique compared to other pet care providers because we charge for our time. Whether you want us to take the dog for a walk, play in the backyard, or request we scoop the litter box, care for small animals, or take out the trash while you are out of town, the price will never vary.


Meet and greets are free meetings that are required before start of service to ensure that you feel comfortable with your pet care specialist. This is also a great opportunity to show us your pet's routine and where to find supplies such as harnesses, collars, leashes, food, cleaning supplies, etc. Of course, your pet and his or her pet care specialist are given an opportunity to bond to ensure they feel comfortable with one another.


All visits are GPS tracked. Clients will receive a report card complete with pictures of their pet to their email after each visit is complete to ensure ease of mind.

15 Minute Dog Walks and Visits

Ideal for cat care, small animal care, a quick potty break, or a short walk


30 Minute Dog Walks and Visits

Ideal for mid-day walks and most visits


45 Minute Dog Walks and Visits

Ideal for active dogs and visits that require some extra time to feed dogs or care for more than 3 animals


60 Minute Dog Walks and Visits

Ideal for farm visits, long walks, and for families with more than 5 animals


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